Textured and Romantic Florals at VisionLoft The Stutz and the Indiana State House

Textured and Romantic Florals at VisionLoft The Stutz and the Indiana State House

Step into a floral dream where where historic buildings embrace whimsical, garden party floral elegance. In the heart of Indianapolis, we had the honor of curating the floral arrangements for Katherine and Bryan's wedding day at VisionLoft and The Stutz stand. In partnership with the skilled team at  Bridget Davis Events, we transformed an amazing historic and famous building in Indianapolis through the abundant and textured floral installations for  this extraordinary celebration.

Softening a Historic, Industrial Building with Florals

Nestled within The Stutz complex, VisionLoft's newest venue is breathtaking. Its industrial allure, with exposed brick walls and large windows, provided the ideal canvas for weddings and events in Indianapolis looking for a light and airy atmosphere. The challenge? To infuse the space with the delicate touch of florals, transforming VisionLoft into a haven of natural beauty.

The floral arrangements for Katherine and Bryan's event were designed to harmonize with the venue's industrial vibe. From textured floral runners  to the elegant bud vase and compote table settings, each arrangement was carefully selected to complement the surroundings and reflect the unique vision of Katherine and Bryan for their special day.

From the Indiana State House to the Stutz

Stepping into both the Indiana State House and The Stutz is like stepping into history. Both venues filled with endless charm and historic features. When Katherine and Bryan began planning their wedding, they wanted statement pieces that could be used in both spaces. Our team made that happen by transporting the illusion pillars and floral pillars from the Indiana State House to their reception at VisionLoft during their cocktail hour.

In the end, crafting the floral designs for Katherine and Bryan's VisionLoft and The Stutz wedding was more than a creative endeavor; it was a journey of love, history, and nature intertwining. These venues, each with its distinct character, provided the perfect stage for the couple's unique love story to unfold. With the expertise of Bridget Davis Events orchestrating every detail, the result was a celebration that seamlessly blended modernity with history, creating an unforgettable experience.

Venue Information and Helpful Links for Future Couples:
For those dreaming of their own wedding, consider VisionLoft's Stutz Venue. Detailed information about this new Indianapolis venue can be found here.

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